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We detect, monitor and investigate digital threats facing individuals, businesses, law enforcement and large enterprises with Close Digital Protection (CDP).


Consumption based intelligence; scale up when you need


24 / 7 intelligence monitoring across your entire digital footprint


Integrations with data sources and security technologies


Faster threat discovery across your digital footprint

What is Close Digital Protection?

Close Digital Protection is an evolution of threat intelligence

Close Digital Protection (CDP) services encompass cyber and digital threat investigation, monitoring and protection capabilities. 

Our service is suitable for both companies and individuals, ranging from C-Suite, Executives and start-ups, to High Net-Worth Individuals that are feeling the pressure of the digital age.

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What challenge do you face?

The Cyber and Digital Threat Challenge

Increasing Digital Footprint

Fraud and Cyber Crimes


Close Digital Protection Solutions

Gain Peace of Mind with Close Digital Protection

Managed Close Digital Protection

Security threats are constantly changing, making is virtually impossible for security teams to stay ahead of relevant threats.

Our managed CDP intelligence service combines structured intelligence feeds, indicators of compromise (IOCs), targeted automated and human collection across the surface, social, deep, dark web and HUMINT.

On-Demand Close Digital Protection

CYB3R OPERATIONS provides highly skilled investigation analysts who deliver deep dive reports on digital and physical threats that concern your organisation.

We deliver investigations that align to a dedicated scope from our client. Delivering for High-net Worth individuals, SME’s, SMB’s, corporate organisations and Law Enforcement.

Strategic Close Digital Protection

Actionable intelligence is about making informed decisions based on the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of data.

Once contextualised, it becomes intelligence that can be used to create policies and strategic security plans to defend against the latest attacks on your organisation.

Physical Barriers Are No Match For Our Digital Technology

We Operate on A Global Level

Technology Coverage
Technology Coverage

Our Capabilities

How Can We Protect You or Your Organisation?

Online Asset Investigations and Monitoring

Our Online Asset Protection capability includes monitoring threats associated with your websites, blogs, financial portals, etc.

Social Media Investigations and Monitoring

Our Social Media Intelligence and Monitoring service can detect trends in social media, track profiles across social networks and monitor keywords.

Vulnerability Assessments & Auto-Pentests

Our VA service provides automated vulnerability scanning, manual reviews by penetration testers, and critical 24x7x365 infrastructure protection​.

Dark Web Investigations and Monitoring

Gain full visibility and exposure of your information that is traded and sold on the dark web. If your information is there, our team will find it.

Credential Monitoring and Breach Detection

Stay protected from the latest data breaches with our monitoring service that will notify you if we detect your information on the dark web.

Data Leakage Investigations and Monitoring

Identify information that is being leaked on online storage services, including AWS, Cloud, Google Drive and many more.

Brand Protection and Monitoring

Detect domains and malware campaigns targeting your business

Fraud Detection and Investigations

Get insight of credit card fraud and identify theft using actionable intel

Data Removal and Incident Response

Remove critical information and reduce your digital footprint

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User Testimonials

What are People Saying?

I've been looking at the Close Digital Protection platform for a while now, and I have to say, I'm seriously impressed. The level of detail this can go into is beyond what I've seen of its competitors. It is quite rare a product turns up that really impresses me, but I think this one gets my vote!

Brian Brackenborough Chief Information Security Officer | Channel 4

    The team offer a fast, end-end monitoring, analysis and alerting service that is highly effective and accompanied by advice to mitigate this often intangible but real risk. Highly recommended.

    Alan Jenkins

    Alan Jenkins

    Principal Consultant | Cyber Security Navigator

    I am excited and eager to begin working alongside the Close Digital Protection team. They are building a superb capability that closes a growing gap in VIP cyber defences and cyber due diligence.”

    Keith Price

    Keith Price

    Cyber Services Director, CISO

    “Close Digital Protection is the next evolution in cyber security for high worth individuals. CDP provides knowledge of what is happening online and who’s talking about you in order to better protect yourself and your digital assets.”

    Alex Martin

    Alex Martin

    Senior Business Development Manager | Cognysis Group


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    Under the Radar
    Migration from the USA to the UK | Criminal Background Investigation

    A Close Digital Protection client began a relationship with a male who had a minimal digital footprint in the UK. However, our team were able to uncover past criminal records associated with assault and fraud whilst living in the United States. Our client was informed and protected.
    Ponzi Scheme
    Business ‘Wind Up’ from the UK to Australia | Financial Investigation

    Our team was approached to determine why a UK business had moved to AUS. CDP Analysts performed a financial investigation that uncovered investment fraud, ceased Financial Services Licences and Court Hearings. Despite this, the PTY limited company was still trading, therefore breaking the law. Local authority was immediately informed.
    Internal Threat
    Rouge IT employee | Digital Forensics Investigation

    A rouge IT employee at a private school was suspected to have indecent images of young girls and possibly selling them on the deep web. We uncovered these photo on the deep web assigned to an Alias who we believed to be the suspect. The metadata within the images matched his real name and exact camera specifications already uncovered. We had a legal duty to report this.
    Healthcare CEO Reconnaissance
    Improper CEO password Management | Threat Hunting

    While performing authorised reconnaissance against the CEO of a large private healthcare organisation, we traced many of his work and personal accounts through black market paste sites and was able to uncover the password that the organisation used for their main encrypted shared drives. Our client was informed and the risk was minimised.
    CISO Leaves the Door Unlocked
    Chief Information Security Officer - Improper Password Management | Threat Hunting

    A new CISO had been appointed to a large UK bank. While performing our C-Suite sweep threat hunting exercise, our analysts were able to uncover the CISO's passwords. Not only was this a threat to the current place of work but also historical employment as the same passwords had been used. This opened up many organisations to Account Take Over (ATO) attacks.

    why close digital protection

    Cost Effective

    Scalable from individuals all the way to large corporations, CDP will provide a reliable and actionable solution.

    no limits

    Custom investigations, capabilities, techniques, and processes that you require.

    reliable intelligence

    Reliable sources of intelligence, granting you assurance and upholding your company’s integrity.

    technology feeds

    We use multiple feeds and technologies for maximum success rates and fast results.


    We adhere to many compliance laws including GDPR(UK) and have Need-To-Know access.

    Take Fast Action

    Our Analysts provide direct support to take immediate action and remediate any threats.

    Close Digital Protection

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    Our Close Digital Protection platform is currently in the beta stage and will be released in due course.

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    Dark Web Monitoring

    Beta Program

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    We Are Raising Investment

    We are raising our seed funding investment to build a solid team and product.

    Our funding round will support the continuous development of the Close Digital Protection platform. 

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