Strategic Close Digital Protection

Consultancy-Led Intelligence Service and Advice

Strategic Close Digital Protection encompasses consultancy and advisory services for security intelligence and cyber security, that utilises a global network of CISOs and security professionals.

Actionable intelligence is about making informed decisions based on the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of data. Once contextualised, it becomes intelligence that can be used to create policies and strategic security improvment plans to defend against the latest attacks on your organisation.
Our Strategic CDP service utilizes these principles and provides individuals and organisations with a consultancy and advisory security intelligence service, with access to a global network of CISOs and security professionals.



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digital and Exterme Privacy

Have you ever wondered what companies hold data about you, or where your data is being sold online – possibly in the dark web?

You are concerned about your digital privacy and online identity, and that’s why Strategic Close Digital Protection helps identify negative and positive security practices that you employ.

Do you want to tighten your security and live a more private life?

Security Imporvement Plans

SCDP offers individuals and businesses plans and guidance to improve security, from physical to digital.

Our service extends all the way to using online services privately, as well as online programs and applications; physical devices, and how to become anonymous when using one; handling sensitive data, private home networks, digital damage control and data removal.

Consultancy and Advisory intelligence

Our cyber experts and security professionals advise boards of directors, governments, companies, and CEOs on countering cyber threats and protecting their assets.

SCDP provides research on emerging trends and technologies so our clients maintain peace of mind.

This service relies on tradition human interaction, rather than technology presenting results.

Strategic physical protection partners

CYB3R OPERATIONS has partnered with renowned physical protection agencies for global security coverage.

Our Close Digital Protection service aligns and supports physical close protection agencies protect and secure their VIPs, CEOs, HWNI, Royal Families, and other Persons of Interest (POI) from physical and digital threats.

If you are looking for a combination of physical and digital security, we have got you covered. Contact us to find out more about our global reach and our close protection partners.

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