On-Demand Close Digital Protection

Bespoke Intelligence Analysis, Investigations and Threat Hunting

CYB3R OPERATIONS provides highly skilled intelligence analysts who deliver deep dive reports on digital and physical threats that concern you and/or your organisation.



Enquire about a specific one off investigation/intelligence analysis.


A short discovery session will be initiated to work out costs and time frames.


Our team start will execute the investigation and provide an intelligence report.

Digital Assets We Investigate

Below is an example, but not limited to, what we consider a ‘Digital Asset’. If you have a Digital Asset that is not listed below, please reach out using the button and we would love to hear your requirements!

digital footprint risk assessment

The On-Demand Close Digital Protection service provides a digital footprint – a snapshot of an individual or organisations online presence, or a digital tattoo as we like to call it. This is a cost-effective level of assurance that there are no immediate threats to an individual or business.

When structured correctly and used alongside other areas of technical due diligence within cyber investigations, it can be very insightful regarding the information that is found from online and physical sources.

reputation and brand management

We take good care when it comes to reputation and brand management as we provide online businesses and individuals with an end-to-end solution that enables them to track and protect their brands across the entire digital supply chain.

The technology and processes help businesses protect against unauthorised use of logos, trademarks, imagines, web designs, phishing attacks, and fake accounts while ensuring customers that the business they are transacting with is the authentic business.

Dedicated threat intelligence analyst

We empower a dedicated threat intelligence analyst to protect and investigate emerging threats that relate to your business. The analyst will share this information with you as notifications/report and remediation steps can be taken immediately.

You make the business decisions, and our analysts will make the technical decisions.

Why On-Demand Close Digital Protection?

On-Demand Close digital protection PRICING

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Below is an example, but not limited to, what we consider an ‘Asset’:

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Are you ready to take OCDP to the next level and monitor your digital environment continuously? Then our Managed Close Digital Protection service is the best option. Let us know your requirements and specific needs and we will begin monitoring!

Close Digital Protection

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