Managed Close Digital Protection

24 Hour, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Threat Monitoring

Our Managed Close Digital Protection solution gives you access to 24×7 monitoring of online sources, real time platform access, and direct support from expert analysts.



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Digital Assets We Monitor

Below is an example, but not limited to, what we consider a ‘Digital Asset’. If you have a Digital Asset that is not listed below, please reach out as we would love to hear your requirements!

Fully managed intelligence service

We work closely with you to grow an effective security program that can be scaled as you grow, offering flexible Subscription Packages and solutions to suit all vertical markets, with a focus on cyber security. 

Our analysts work in real time by gathering data from open source intelligence feeds from open, deep and the dark web,  Our aim is to keep your business safe by providing you with knowledge of threats before they have even begun.

open source and Modualised capabilities

We strive to keep our intelligence data fresh with new sources of data from the always changing worlds of open and dark web. 

We monitor the surface, social, deep and dark web for real-time indicators of risk to your brand, employees, networks and data by curating thousands of pieces of data each and every day to identify emerging threats and targeted attacks against businesses worldwide.

Actionable intelligence

The global cyber market is a fast-changing landscape that requires immediate and accurate information for clients to interpret the nuances of each threat.

Our actionable intelligence service provides a continuous stream of news in full text and analysis, enabling clients to monitor what is known about malicious cyber actors and their tools and tactics, making it simpler to cut through the noise and focus on the emerging trends.

Managed Close Digital Protection Capabilities

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Dark Web Monitoring

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