Protect Your Footprint

Investigate, Monitor and Prioritise with Close Digital Protection

Close Digital Protection provides you with 24x7x365 access to a clean dashboard that is continuously being developed and updated to suit your needs.

Security Intelligence and Investigations

Close Digital Protection (CDP) monitors thousands of open, deep and dark web sources to identify threats that impact and directly target your organisation or individual footprints.

CDP allows you to investigate these threats in real time by using graph technology to find relationships between datapoints and threats towards you and/or your organsiation.

Access real time actionable intelligence

Once you gain access to the Close Digital Protection platform, we will ask for your Digital Assets to be entered into the clean interface for monitoring.

This will enable us to create unique search queries that are directly associated to your Assets, which allows us to contextualize the results that we find.


access Advanced relationship Analytics

Each alert within our platform will extract known connections to other data points, such as passwords, usernames, persons name, and many more.

This information is presented within visual diagrams and graphs to enable you to conduct seamless link and data analysis.

Search our sources in real time

Access real time search (RTS) functionality within the Close Digital Protection platform that allows you to investigate threats in real time.

This includes access to hundreds of our sources in one pane of glass.


Filter alerts and advanced actions

Create incidents and filter alerts within the platform to best optimise research and investigation time.

Access advanced actions to talk to an analyst, download and share alerts, as well as send them to a graph to investigate.

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Close Digital Protection

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Our Close Digital Protection platform is currently in the beta stage and will be released in due course.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Beta Program

Gain access to the dark web for free for one month!

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