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Become a partner to strengthen and extend your technology offering, as well as your expertise within the security intelligence sector.

Access Cutting Edge Technology

By becoming a Close Digital Protection partner, you will gain access to cutting edge threat intelligence and attack surface monitoring technology.

Stay ahead of your competitors and extend your capability stack by leveraging our technology and expertise.


Accelerate growth and profit

Accelerate growth and increase your organisations profit margins by accessing discounted Close Digital Protection pricing.

Our Channel Partners are not only highly profitable and rewarded for client interactions but make a strong difference by protecting the end users from attacks.


Learn and Develop Expertise

Become a master in cyber threat intelligence and attack surface intelligence. Learn from the support of our team how to best implement and practice these security measures.

Learn how Close Digital Protection is becoming increasing advanced within the cyber space and why it can benefit your organisation.


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Close Digital Protection

Coming Soon

Our Close Digital Protection platform is currently in the beta stage and will be released in due course.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Beta Program

Gain access to the dark web for free for one month!

We are offering a free license of our dark web monitoring package in return for feedback on our platform and service. 

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