Who are We? What's our Story? Why are We Special?

We are a unique, detected team of specialists that have a passion to innovate and educate within the ever evolving digital generation.

About Us

Our Vision

Our product Close Digital Protection is an innovation within the security and threat intelligence world. Our vision is to revolutionize the way that threat intelligence is consumed and actioned – all the way from getting started to supporting leading intelligence analysts.

Our goal is to provide our customers, whether that be small start-ups, non-profits, SMEs or government agencies, with the combination of both automated and manual threat intelligence and investigations in a single pane of glass.


What's Our Story?

How was close digital protection born

Who does vincent now work with


Why Close Digital Protection?

Who is typical buyer, what does it do for you?


We work from the heart to be able to provide everyone with facilities which will ensure their digital protection at all costs. We care about your safety.


We have a dedicated team of individuals who constantly work on elevating the quality of the services being provided to you.


Our technology consists of a unique mix of threat intelligence and attack surface management unlike any other company.


We constantly educate ourselves on the latest technologies as well as new potential threats which could cause harm to you.

Your Deam. Our Mission.

We Believe in Hard Work and Dedication

Close Digital Protection

Coming Soon

Our Close Digital Protection platform is currently in the beta stage and will be released in due course.

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Dark Web Monitoring

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