Data Leakage Monitoring

Identify Leaked Sensitive Documents and Files

Detect documents, code, and proprietary data that has been leaked on the open or dark web by customers, employees or competitors as quickly as possible.

Identify Sensitive Leaked Documents

Leaked corporate documents, including financial data, are commonly used by cyber criminals to gather information about your organisation. Your competitors also use this information to beat you to the market with your latest products and updates.

It is critical to detect, verify, and remediate the exposure as quickly as possible.


Online Cloud Storage Facilities

Your employees and customers often upload their sensitive documents to cloud storge drives, including Google Drive and Microsoft Drive.

If these drives are not secured properly, threat actors will be able to locate their confidential information and potentially hold your organisation to ransom or sell it on the dark web.

Online Public Repositories

Sensitive data such as development code or secret keys are often stored on online code repositories (e.g: GitHub) or paste bin sites (e.g: DeepPaste).

Protect this critical information by proactively identifying the leakage and remediating as quickly as possible.


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