Dark Web Monitoring

Gain Visibility of Exposure on the Dark and Deep Web

Close Digital Protection provides you with 24×7 dark and deep web intelligence scanning and monitoring to detect threat actors talking about your brand.


Dark web pages from Tor, I2P, IRC, and ZeroNet


Pages of dark web scraped and indexed every hour


Pages from the deep web, including transitory sites

Why Dark Web Intelligence and Monitoring?

assess dark web brand exposure

Access the dark and gain visible insight to threat actors talking about your brand, secret projects, keywords, code names, and many more.

It is important to understand where you are being spoken about, that’s why we monitor your brand on a 24×7 basis and alert you on any threats that we detect.

forums, marketplaces, and chat rooms

We will monitor your brand across 500,000,000 plus pages that are made up of forums, marketplaces, paste sites, and chat rooms.

This includes authenticated sites that requires logins and threat actor approvals before the sites can be accessed.

monitor executives and persons of interest

Close Digital Protection’s focus also lies on the persons brand and reputation behind the organisations and businesses.

Therefore, it is a top priority that all executives and persons of interest are being monitored in the dark and deep web.









What Digital Assets Do We Monitor?

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Dark Web Monitoring

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