Credential Monitoring

Detect Breached Credentials in the Deep and Dark Web

Detect and notify of customer information leakage, account credentials, passport numbers, social security numbers and other PII that puts your clients, brand and business at risk.

Stay protected from the latest data breaches

Protect business information against data leakage, breaches, and the illegal selling of data on a broad range of deep and dark websites, forums and chat rooms including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet and paste sites. Detect and notify of customer information leakage, account credentials, passport numbers, social security numbers and PII that puts your clients, employees, brand and business at risk. 

CYB3R INTELLIGENCE continuously monitors deep and dark channels in order to provide your team with early detection and protection of information leakage and credential breaches.

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Discover Compromised Credential

Our team of analysts continuously monitor the deep web, black market, and forums for breached credentials. This includes IP addresses, hashes, usernames, passwords, emails, and credit/debit card data.

We will monitor your business credentials as well as your personal credentials (C-Level executives highly recommended: COO, CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, CCO, CIO, CPO, etc).

Identify Exposed customer Accounts

Monitor the dark and deep web to locate compromised customer PII data, including credit card information, passwords, name and addresses.

Leaked client information will have a negative effect on your organisation if it is not delt with properly. Close Digital Protection will help you identify these breaches and highlight how future attacks can have a minimal impact if the necessary proportions are taken.

Instant updates and notifications

Receive instant updates, notifications and insights on the latest data breaches that may contain your data.

Our Close Digital Protection team are continuously analysing breached data for your or your organisations credentials

why credential monitoring and breach detection

Get notified of intentional or unintentional sensitive, personal and business credential breaches related to your organisation or people.


The Close Digital Protection Team of threat researchers conduct in-depth analysis of breached credentials and how it can affect your organisation.

Stop threat actors from using your breached credentials to break into your accounts. Also known as Acount Takeovers.

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